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Customer Profile Analisys

MSLA Customer Profile Analysis ™offers an intelligent way to achieve insights into who your current customers are. Find out which demographic characteristics they have in common, what similarities they share, based on our data you can create a profile that exactly identifies your best potential marketing prospect. Our database analytics team provides clients with business intelligence that is easy to understand and apply to your business. Let us analyze your current database and uncover potential to improve your customer acquisition and retention efforts. Our proprietary system will help you reduce marketing costs, increase conversions and improve prospect targeting.

Profiling Your Customers Enables You To Target The Right Prospects, Employing The Right Media And Channels


  • For customer data profiling, we first segment your customers based on the value they bring-in to your business.
  • Subsequently, to enrich the segmentation and customer understanding, we append the external profile data including business/consumer geo-demographics, market data, census information, etc.
  • Making use of geographic analysis techniques, we can locate your existing customers on a map – organizing by value – and create a ‘heat map’ to ascertain which geographies to target to find more people of the same/ similar profile.


MSLA uses the most robust and reliable tool to analyze all their master files in order to provide the right customer profile to their clients worldwide.
From Mexico to Chile, every B2C and B2B dataset is supported by Microstrategy platform.

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