For years direct marketers have been improving their response rates with MSLA´s national multi-sourced consumer database. With accurate and updated information in North, Central, South America and Caribbean Countries, our consumer mailing and telemarketing lists offer more complete and flexible selections than any other compiled consumer database.
We offer more consumer data elements designed to help you better target your offer. Let us guide you through our demographic and psychographic characteristic selections designed to strengthen your prospecting database. Imagine how successful your marketing campaign could be if you pinpointed your precise target audience using what you already know about your best customers, including: age, income, ethnicity or purchasing habits!

Why Are Our Consumer Lists Right For You

Choosing the right consumer lists is one of the more difficult choices to make. It is not through lack of choice, but knowing which databases are most appropriate for your needs. At MSLA International we continually monitor the consumer databases available. We take time to sort and categorise this data, so when you need a list, we can identify the best match your you. We have built a knowledge-base of how these databases are built, what kind of selections can be made, if they specialise in niche information, which channels they offer, have they been successful for previous clients and more.

  • Independent – We are list managers and have no contracts or incentives that suggest one database above another.
  • Quality Data – We only deal with reputable data sources. All databases supplied are cleaned regularly and are supplied with accuracy guarantees.
  • Price – Consumer database prices can vary wildly depending on how specialist the list is. What we can guarantee is the we always strive to provide you data at the most competitive possible price.
  • Selection Criteria – With so many selection available, the best option is to ask us, just because one databases can’t provide what you need, it is likely we have another option for you.
  • Legally Compliant– With so many databases on the market, we ensure that we only deal with providers that is collected, cleaned and maintained in line with the law.
  • Personal Service – Choosing the right consumer list is a minefield. At MSLA International you will deal directly with our experienced and knowledgeable Chief Marketing Officer. We will not pass you from one person to another, make you wait through automated phone systems, just friendly advice and no hard sell.

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